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FGS has developed imaging capabilities of 3D turning-ray tomography, tomostatics, reflection tomography, full-waveform inversion (FWI) and forward modeling from topography. We have also developed proprietary imaging software using both refraction and reflection seismic data for velocity model building, prestack depth imaging and geopressure prediction. 

3D High-Resolution Tomostatics

  • Nonlinear (Independent of Initial Models) 
  • Constrained Inversion (if Well Logs Available) 
  • Parallel Computing (OpenMP, MPI)
  • Applicable to Large 3D Surveys (> 10,000 km2
  • Efficient & Robust First-Arrival Picking 

3D Robust TTI Anisotropic Reflection Tomography

3D Joint Turning-Ray and Reflection Tomography

3D Localized Complex Wavelet Transform (CWT) for Noise Attenuation 

3D Artificial Intelligent (AI) Interbed-Multiple Attenuation (IMA) 

5D Interpolation

3D Viscoelastic Modeling and Migration from Topography

3D Full-Waveform Inversion Independent of Low Frequencies 

Joint Surface-Wave and Body-Wave FWI for Vp, Vs and Density 

Robust and Efficient First-Arrival Picking using Super-Virtual-Interferometry 

Artificial Intelligent (AI) First-Arrival Picking using Azimuth-Offset Trend and Deep Learning 

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