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List of Representative Publications 

Zhao, S., Y. Illiescu, X. Shang, H. Teng, Y. Wang and X. Zhu, 2023, Foothills seismic imaging for deep exploration in Junggar Basin — A case study: The Leading Edge, Special Section: Deep exploration, Vol 42, No. 10, 694-701. Download

Teng, H., J. Jiao, X. Shang, Y. Wang, S. Zhao, G. Yan, B. Yang and X. Zhu, 2023, Two-dimensional complex wavelet transform for linear noise attenuation and image decomposition: J. Geophysical Engineering, 20, 474-482. Download

Wang C., H. Guo, G. Peng , Y. Hu, J. Jiao, B. Yang, K. Xu, G. Yan and X. Zhu, 2022, Staggered Source Acquisition to Improve Image’s Fidelity:SEG in Houston. Download 

Yalin Li, X. Zhu, G. Peng, L. Liu and W. Duan, 2020, Novel Strategies of complex foothills seismic imaging: Part-1: mega-Near-surface velocity estimation: Vol. 8,   No. 3, T651-T665.  Download  

Chen, F., R. Zhao, X. Wang, J. Jiao and X. Zhu, 2020, Multiple attenuation using three-dimensional complex-wavelet transform: Accepted for presentation at EAGE annual meeting.

Gray, S., X. Zhu, 2019, Foothills seismic imaging challenges: SEG Foothills Exploration Workshop, Chengdu, China.  Download 

Tian, J., G.X. Peng, M. Chen, R. Zhao, Z. Liu, X. Zhu J. Jiao and G. Yan, 2018, Application of joint tomography to Tarim Basin Foothill imaging: SEG in Anaheim.  Download 

Tian, J., G.X. Peng, J. Jiao. G. Yan, and X. Zhu, 2018, Integrated turning-ray and reflection tomography for velocity model building in foothill areas: INTERPRETATION (SEG/AAPG), 11, SM63-70. Download 

Yan, Y., X. Zhu, J. Jiao, P. Deng, B. Yang, L. Fu, E. Orepeza, J. Chen, and S. Muller, 2017, Permian Basin seismic data reprocessing - A case study: 87th Annual Meeting, SEG. Download 

Xianhuai Zhu

Zhu, X., G. McMechan, 2022, “Seismic imaging through complex near surface for oil and gas exploration”: A book being prepared for SEG publication.

Zhu, X., K. Wallace, Q. Zhu, and R. Hofer, 2012, Scattering effect on shallow gas-obscured zone imaging in Bohai PL19-3 area: GEOPHYSICS, 77, No.2, B43-53.

Boonyasiriwat, C., P. Valasek, P. Routh, and X. Zhu, 2009, Application of multiscale waveform tomography for high-resolution velocity estimation in complex geologic environments: Canadian Foothills synthetic data example: The Leading Edge, 28, No. 4, 454-456.

Zhu, X., P. Valasek, B. Roy, S. Shaw, J. Howell, S. Whitney, D. Whitmore, and P. Anno, 2008, Recent applications of turning-ray tomography: GEOPHYSICS, 73, No.5, VE243-VE254.

Zhu, X., S. Shaw, B. Roy, M. Hall, M. Gurch, D. Whitmore, and P. Anno, 2008, Near-surface complexity masquerades as anisotropy: 78th Annual Meeting, SEG.

Zhu, X. , Z. Yin, X. Guo, Y. Ma, X. Zhu, A. Bertagne, and J. Castagna, 2006, Application of advanced imaging technologies to carbonate reservoirs in southern China: The Leading Edge, 25, no.11, 1388-1395.

Zhu, X., 2002, Velocity Imaging through Complex Near-Surface Structures by Tomography: 64th Annual Meeting, EAGE..

Zhu, X., S. Altan and J. Li, 1999, Recent advances in multicomponent processing: The Leading Edge, 18, no. 11, 1283-1288.

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Zhu, X., and G.A. McMechan, 1989, Estimation of a two-dimensional seismic compressional-wave velocity distribution by iterative tomographic imaging: Int. J. Imag. Sys. Tech., 1, 13-17.

Junru Jiao

Zhou, C., J. Jiao, S. Lin, J. Sherwood, and S. Brandsberg-Dahl, 2011, Multiparameter joint tomography for TTI model building, Geophysics 76, 183-190.

Sherwood, J., J. Jiao*, H. Tieman, K. Sherwood,, C. Zhou, S. Lin,, and S. Brandsberg-Dahl,, 2011, Hybrid tomography based on beam migration: 81st Annual Meeting, SEG.

Jiao, J., C. Zhou, S. Lin, D. Van der Burg, and S. Brandsberg-Dahl, 2010, Velocity model building strategy for multi-azimuth surveys: 80th Annual Meeting, SEG.

Jiao, J., S. Lin, C. Zhou, S. Brandsberg-Dahl, K. Schleicher, and H. Tieman, 2009, Multi-parameter controlled automatically picking and variable smoothing for tomography with fast 3D beam prestack depth migration, 79th Annual Meeting, SEG.

Jiao, J., D. Lowrey, J. Willis, and R. Martinez, 2008, Practical approaches for subsalt velocity model building, Geophysics 73, VE183 –VE194, (2008).

Jiao, J., and R. Martinez, 2003, Horizon-based residual depth and time migration velocity analysis: 65th Annual Meeting, EAGE.

Jiao, J., P. Stoffa, M. Sen, and R. Seisfoullaev, 2002, Residual migration velocity analysis in the plane-wave domain, Geophysics, 67, 1285-1269.

Grace Yan

Yan, Y., X. Zhu, J. Jiao, P. Deng, B. Yang, L. Fu, E. Orepeza, J. Chen, and S. Muller, 2017, Permian Basin seismic data reprocessing - A case study: 87th Annual Meeting, SEG.

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Ursenbach, C., and Y. Yan, 2010, Applicability of TTI RTM to structured land datasets: GeoCanada 2010.

Yan, Y., and R. J. Brown, 2001, The suppression of water-column multiples by wavefield separation and cross-correlation: 71st Auunal Meeting, SEG.

Bin Yang

Yang, B.B., Y. Liu, H. Dahm, K.H. Liu, and S.S. Gao, 2017. Seismic azimuthal anisotropy beneath the eastern United States and its geodynamic implications, Geophysical Research Letters, 44, 1-9, doi: 10.1002/2016GL071227.

Yang, B., K. H. Liu, H. H. Dahm, and S. S. Gao, 2016, A Uniform Database of Teleseismic Shear Wave Splitting Measurements for the Western and Central US: December 2014 Update, Seismological Research Letters, v87.

Yang, B., S. S. Gao, K. H. Liu, A. A. Elsheikh, A. A. Lemnifi, H. A. Refayee, Y. Yu, 2014, Seismic anisotropy and mantle flow beneath the northern Great Plains of North America, Journal of Geophysical Research, v119, 1971-1985.

Lei Fu

Fu, L. and W. Symes, 2017, A discrepancy-based penalty method for extended waveform inversion, Geophysics, 82, No.5, R287-R298.

Fu, L. and W. Symes, 2017, An adaptive multiscale algorithm for efficient extended waveform inversion, Geophysics, 82, No.3, R183-R197.

Fu, L. and W. Symes, 2015, Reducing the cost of extended waveform inversion by multiscale adaptive methods: 85th Annual Meeting, SEG, 1127-1131.