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  • Advanced (Acoustic, Elastic, Viscoelastic) Modeling for Acquisition Design

  • Robust Tomostatics (Constrained by shallow-well logs, sand-thickness curves et al.) 

  • Joint Tomography for Velocity Model Building (Near-Surface + Subsurface) and Improved Deep Structural Imaging

  • Interbed-Multiple Attenuation (IMA)

  • CWT Noise Attenuation 

  • Prestack Depth Imaging from True Topography

  • Geohazards prediction (based on high-resolution near-surface Vp, Vs and density models) 

  • Imaging through fault shadows 

  • Attributes Analysis

  • Geopressure Prediction

  • Geophysical Consulting & Training

FGS has extensive experience in seismic modeling & imaging through complex near surface for land, shallow water and transition zones and OBC/OBN. Case studies include :
  • Prestack Imaging and Geohazards Prediction in Permian Basin 

    • Yan, Y., X. Zhu, J. Jiao, P. Deng, B. Yang, L. Fu, E. Orepeza, J. Chen, and S. Muller, 2017, Permian Basin seismic data reprocessing - A case study: 87th Annual Meeting, SEG. Download 
  • Joint Turning-Ray and Reflection Tomography for Foothills Exploration in Tarim Basin 

    • Yalin Li, X. Zhu, G. Peng, L. Liu and W. Duan, 2020, Novel Strategies of complex foothills seismic imaging: Part-1: mega-Near-surface velocity estimation: Vol. 8,   No. 3, T651-T665.  Download 

    • Tian, J., G.X. Peng, J. Jiao. G. Yan, and X. Zhu, 2018, Integrated turning-ray and reflection tomography for velocity model building in foothill areas: INTERPRETATION (SEG/AAPG), 11, SM63-70. Download  

    • Tian, J., G.X. Peng, M. Chen, R. Zhao, Z. Liu, X. Zhu J. Jiao and G. Yan, 2018, Application of joint tomography to Tarim Basin Foothill imaging: SEG in Anaheim.  Download 

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